[luciente - 05.03.2017]
Tour starts this week in Prague. We also have brand new shirts available.
[luciente - 25.12.2016]
We are in the process of planning a tour with Waive and Oaken Heart in March 2017. See the live section for the dates.
[luciente - 29.05.2016]
New website, finally.
[luciente - 21.01.2016]
In April 2015 we recorded 8 songs for our new record. It will be released as an LP in February 2016 and we’re going to celebrate this with a release show on 6.2.2016. The concert will take place @Auenstraße/Erfurt with Static Means. We also have some more shows coming up. See you there.
[luciente - 20.03.2015]
We decided to change our name, cause we felt that "Failed Suicide Plan" does not fit the band’s music and message anymore. We changed it to "luciente", based on the book „Woman on the Edge of Time“ by Marge Piercy. The story is about a female Spanish immigrant, who lives under bad conditions and fantasizes about an imaginary person called Luciente , who shows her a future utopia. The music, the people and the attitude stays the same. We’re recording our first album and are going to play our first show with the new name in Jena @ Jugendhaus Hugo.
All the best - luciente (ex Failed Suicide Plan)

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luciente LP

January 2016

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July 2015






Date Location Other Bands
07.07.2017 Eisenberg @ Kantine Caffeine
02.06.2017 Erfurt @ Hackebeil Spalaksis Gattsn
14.04.2018 Berlin @ Bei Ruth Derbe Lebowski, The Prim
03.02.2018 Suhl @ AK40 Gloomster, Loser Youth
17.11.2017 Berlin @ La Casa The Prim, Oi!ronie
11.11.2017 Plauen @ Schuldenberg Schwache Nerven, 20 Liter Joghurt
03.11.2017 Erfurt @ Hackebeil Blut Hirn Schranke
19.08.2017 Wien/At @ Venster Stillborn, The Prim, No chance of recovery
17.06.2017 Schwarzenberg @ Unanbeatbar The Prim
18.03.2017 Erfurt @ Frau Korte Waive, Oaken Heart
17.03.2017 München @ Café Marat Waive, Oaken Heart
16.03.2017 Mainz @ Haus Mainusch Waive, Oaken Heart
15.03.2017 Belval/Lux @ MK Bar Waive, Oaken Heart
14.03.2017 Leipzig @ B12 Waive, Oaken Heart
12.03.2017 Hof @ Luftkeller
11.03.2017 Wien/At @ Venster Rozpor, The Defectives
10.03.2017 Praha/Cz @ Klub Famu Boubafest
04.03.2017 Zwickau @ Barrikade Deutz, Dr. Ulrich Undeutsch
21.01.2017 Gotha @ Juwel Bruch, Lokusbomber
28.10.2016 Erfurt @ Frau Korte Aika Akakomowitsch, Spalaksis Gattsn
02.09.2016 Weimar @ tba Blue sky aster, Amokdrang
24.07.2016 Rokycany @ Fluff Fest/Open Stage
10.07.2016 Leipzig @ Zoro Tørsö
06.05.2015 Eisenberg @ Wasserturm Eleanore Lance, Kairo
19.03.2016 Halle @ Reil78 Église, Møl
18.03.2016 Berlin @ La Casa Mole, Chiefland, Beatrice
05.03.2016 Suhl @ Grünes Haus Misstand, Abstinenz X
27.02.2016 Leipzig @ Atari Caleya, Varan
06.02.2016 Erfurt @ Auenstraße Static Means

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